We are always looking for photographs of the places and activities that you love in our beautiful National Recreation Area. We cannot be everywhere all at once, so we are asking you, the public, to volunteer and be our photographers! Contact us today if you are interested in coming to photograph our events or would like to submit photos that you have taken on your own LBL adventures at volunteer@friendsoflbl.org or 270-924-2007 

  • All submissions regardless of quality are appreciated, grow your skill and portfolio while helping record our events and activities. 
  • Model Release forms are required for images of any persons under the age of 18 and any photos that prominently feature an individual who is not a staff member or volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinator can provide you with the appropriate forms and releases.
  • Volunteer official photographers are advised NOT to submit work they wish to hold ownership under copyright and fair use laws. Works submitted by official volunteer photographers to USDA Forest Service Land Between the Lakes, Friends of Land Between the Lakes, and its partners will fall under public domain status. As an official photographer, the photos, videos, and audio recordings plus written documents submitted to Land Between the Lakes become the property of the U.S. Federal Government. All work completed or owned by the Federal Government rest in the public domain. Public domain products “…is not protected by intellectual property laws (copyright, trademark, or patent laws)—which means it’s free for you to use without permission.”

More information on copyright and fair use laws can be found at: