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Calloway County Homemakers Association is a Level I Partner of Friends of Land Between the Lakes

Just one of our supportive Business Partners who cares about Land Between The Lakes

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Lance Mulgrew — Dalton City, IL

Another Member who is proud to support Land Between The Lakes



Whether it is Giving Tuesday or any other time of the year, your help during this time of the year is most critical to our efforts to perform our mission.

Your donations to Friends of Land Between the Lakes allows us to support the Woodlands Nature Station, the Homeplace Working Farm and Living History Museum, Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory, to support Children on School Grant Visits to our facilities, as well as the Elk and Bison Prairie.

You can give through this website or through GiveLively by use of your cell phone. Please consider texting 44321 with the word Friend or Bobcat or Stars or Eagle or Redwolf or FriendsofLBL. Your support will mean so much.