Opportunities galore exist for you to get out into nature and to feel great about giving back to your friends and neighbors through your good works at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

On Saturday (September 17) enjoy helping to give this wonderful location a refresh and become even more inviting for visitor use.

For more information send your questions to volunteer@friendsoflbl.org … 270-924-2007.


The Homeplace Double Pen House will be getting a new lease on life and it will be done in a manner that maintains the authentic views of the structure.  The fun begins on Sunday (September 18) and continues through the middle of October.

Oak shake replacement, replacement of roof decking, gutter replacement and much more will be involved.  Consider giving of your time.  Experience heritage work and work methods first hand as you make a difference for the future of the Double Pen House.  Meals, tools, and training as well as equipment and a campsite will be given to you.  You will need to provide your own transportation, sleeping equipment, work gloves, clothes and boots but what a great opportunity so close to home.

HistoriCorps has been present at the Homeplace Working Farm in the past to help refresh our vintage structure and to assist the US Forest and LBLA in maintaining the historic structures present at the Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum.  They will likely be present for future events.  Stay tuned both here and at www.Historicorps.org for knowledge of further opportunities to give back but also know that you are being a part of restoring and maintaining history that makes a difference to the visiting public.


Access HistoricCorps directly by https://historicorps.org/homeplace-tn-2022-2/

For answers to your questions contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@friendsoflbl.org … 270-924-2091.

Public Lands Day is coming up on Saturday (September 24, 2022).  We have established a cleanup activity but with an added neat feature.  We will be geocaching that day and have tons of fun with GeoCache activities and also help clean up your public land.




Come back to this page often as new and exciting opportunities will be highlighted for your information.  Have fun on your public land and also give back to society.  It will make you feel good about yourself, and it will help your public land.

Volunteer Services Staff

For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@friendsoflbl.org



Past Successful Volunteer Events of Note

The following represent volunteer events which have been conducted at Land Between the Lakes which have offered opportunities to give back to society in the past and events which have offered opportunities for volunteers to enjoy the out of doors while doing good for society.

South Bison Range Picnic Area Cleanup and Restoration


Employment Opportunity — Executive Director, Land Between the Lakes Association

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