Bird Identification, history, star viewing books ... quilts ... telescopes ... and plush animals galore

Merchandise to enhance the understanding of the visitor.


We have merchandise available for purchase at the Woodlands Nature Station, the Golden Pond Visitor Center, and The Homeplace.


We have place a small number of items (with green tag) at the Outposts at the Hillman Ferry Campground, the Piney Campground, and the Wrangler Campground.


If you click the Things to Know link below you can be added to an email list which will advise you of new items, special promotions, and other sneak peak information you may find useful and of value.


Please remember that the revenue from all sales goes to support the educational messaging provided at The Woodlands Nature Station, The Golden Pond Planetarium, and The Homeplace as well as support to the Bugle Corps who help visitors at the Elk and Bison Prairie.


Funds received from purchases also allow Friends of Land Between The Lakes to support the Field Trip Grant Program for assistance to public schools within 100 miles of LBL to bring their students to Land Between The Lakes for experiential learning opportunities.