Geocaching is an activity where participants seek hidden containers, called caches, using a variety of methods and clues that may include GPS (global positioning system) or other navigational aids. A typical cache may include a memento or prize, or a logbook where the geocacher or locator enters the date the cache was found. Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area has become a popular geocaching site for the novice to the expert seeker. offers over 450 pages of caches in and around Land Between the Lakes

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Recreate Responsibly

When geocaching, please do not damage natural or cultural resources. This includes soil disturbance/digging, damaging or removal of live vegetation, and damaging natural and/or historical features. Avoid sensitive areas like wetlands or streams. Do not disturb or remove historical artifacts or features. Geocached containers must be completely hidden from view (for example, they can be concealed in a pile of stones or within a hollow log).


When geocaching, motorized vehicle use and parking shall comply with our travel regulations and Motor Vehicle Use Maps. The party responsible for the placement of the cache is also responsible for complying with these guidelines. Out-of-compliance caches will be removed and may result in a criminal citation.

Various actions and events take place which may result in geocaches becoming temporarily unavailable or destroyed (for example: special use projects, natural resources projects, and prescribed fires). Geocachers are responsible for knowing and adhering to all Area Closures, Supervisor’s Orders, restrictions, and requirements. Land Between the Lakes is not responsible for the loss or destruction of geocaches.

Geocachers do not need a special use authorization provided they comply with this document and all other Forest Service rules, regulations, and policies.


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