Land Between The Lakes Association realizes that teachers, families and others who enjoy learning at home may find it difficult to find materials that are interesting, entertaining, while at the same time educational for use in their learning activities. To that end, the staff of LBLA are working hard to develop methods to assist teachers in delivery of important environmental education, cultural history education, and earth science education. 

Golden Pond Planetarium Materials

Programming plans can be seen on the FS Website calendar.  There has been an active link on the page for years to help you find programming that is available today for your viewing within the Golden Pond Planetarium.  Please go there to view the current programming.  You may go there by going to this URL:  Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory – Land Between the Lakes

Whenever the Planetarium is closed due to weather or for other Forest Service directed reasons, you can enjoy some “home versions” of our Planetarium shows thanks to our partners at Audio Visual  Imagineering, Inc (AVI).

The Story of the Little Star                                     The Little Star

Legends of the Night Sky:Orion                            Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

Legends of the Night Sky: Persus & Andromeda  Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda

The following are 5-10 minute animated shorts:

The Moon

The Moon Part 1

The Moon Part 2

The Moon Part 3


The Weather Part 1

The Weather Part 2

The Weather Part 3


Planetarium Programming compliments of the Golden Pond Planetarium and its partner Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc (Joanne Young and her staff),  The Friends of Land Between the Lakes thank Joanne and AVI. materials for early childhood education are also fun and interesting to spend time viewing and learning as noted below.

The Space Place – Earth  NASA Resources on The Earth

The Space Place – The Sun NASA Resources on The Sun

The Space Place – The Solar System  NASA Resources on The Solar System

The Space Place – The Universe NASA Resources on The Universe

The Space Place – Science and Technology NASA Resources on Science and Technology

The Space Place – Educators Corner ( Parents too right now) NASA Resources for Teachers and for Parents with Home Schooling  There are crafts and other materials here for your use


The Woodlands Nature Station and the Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum have created a variety of online educational videos and other content.  These have been shared on their facility Facebook page and they will no doubt continue to all content as time permits.  We invite you to visit these pages and to explore the past weeks offerings.


Woodlands Nature Station Materials

Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Others who like learning from home

Nature Station Facebook Page

-Free, pre-recorded programs on YouTube

-Check our our Flipgrid content!

-Educational Resource Packets

-Worksheets and pre-post program materials

-Free Webinar Programs ( which began to be offered September 22, 2020)
Programs for classes are available via Zoom every Tuesday at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm.
Educators can get more information or sign up for a timeslot by calling (270) 924-2294 or emailing

Select from the programs listed below:

In Cold Blood

Learn what it means to be “cold-blooded” and examine the differences between a reptile and an amphibian.  Program includes 3 live animals.

Recommended for 2nd-5th grade


Fine Feathered Friends

Examine the wide range of adaptations that can be found in birds!  Learn how these adaptations help each species survive in their unique habitats!  Program includes a live bird and an optional post program activity.

Recommended for 5th -7th grade


Eagle Conservation in Land Between the Lakes (program available starting November 2020)

Learn about conservation history with a local focus!  A naturalist will share the conservation success story of Bald Eagle conservation and reintroduction in Land Between the Lakes.

Recommended for 7th-12th grade


Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum Materials

Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Others who like learning from home

1800’s Time line

Homeplace Facebook Page

Homeplace 1850 Site Guide

Homeplace walking guide to buildings, fields, and features

-Animals on an 1850s Farm Level 1

-Animals on an 1950s Farm Level 2

-Farming Today vs Farming in the 1850s All Levels
FarmComparison_All Level Activities

-Homeplace Time Travelers Scavenger Hunt

-Farm Animal Companion to Time Travelers Scavenger Hunt

-1850’s Farm Animal Book – Coloring and Activity Book for younger children


These materials are brought to you by Land Between The Lakes Association (Friends of Land Between the Lakes), Golden Pond, KY in collaboration with the NASA, Washington DC, and Audio Visual Imagineering (AVI), Inc. of Orlando, Florida.