Board of Trustees

President, W. Howell Hopson, III, Cadiz, KY
Past President, Kurt Vezner, Cadiz, KY
President-Elect, Nancy (Nan) Waldrop, Cadiz, KY
Treasurer, Judy Stahler, Murray, KY


Brian Canerdy, Almo, KY
Dr Terry Canerdy, Murray, KY
W. Howell Hopson, III, Cadiz, KY
Burneda Koenig, Murray, KY
Mike Lyons, Murray, KY
Jackie “Butch” McElwain, Cadiz, KY
Geneva Parris, Cadiz, KY
Vicki Ross, Mayfield, KY
Jim Stahler, Murray, KY
Judy Stahler, Murray, KY
Kurt Vezner, Cadiz, KY
Nancy (Nan) Waldrop, Cadiz, KY
Bob Wise, Paducah, KY
John Westfall, Cadiz, KY
Susan “Ski” Witzofski, Dover, TN

Functional Leadership

Bookkeeper, Jean Wilson, Bookkeeping & Accounts Payable  270.924.2088

Director of Operations, Jim Taylor, Administration, Funds Management & School Grant Administration  270.924.2091

Executive Director, Lori Kent, Administration & Funds Development  270.924.2077  [effective Nov 16, 2021]

Merchandise Coordinator, Currently Vacant, Gift Shop Merchandise & Sales 270.924.2129

Volunteer Services,  Alysha (Aly) Mallory , Volunteer Activities & Clean Ups  270.924.2007

Staffing Coordinator, Geniece McCreary, Staffing & Scheduling  270.924.2113

Facility Leadership

Golden Pond Planetarium, William Futrell, Earth Science emphasis & Observatory 270.924.2243
The Homeplace [1850 era functional farm], Chris Kelly, Cultural History & Living History Museum & Hands on History Farm  931.232.6457
Woodlands Nature Station, John Pollpeter, Environmental Education & Wildlife emphasis  270.924.2294

Special Events Leadership [Facility Specific Focus]

Golden Pond Planetarium – Celestial Education, Earth Science, Weather, National Astronomy Day, Laser Light Shows, Summer Nights Star Party, Christmas Shows, Others

The Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum – Historical Education, Children’s Day on the Farm, Quilting Bee, Pickin’ Party (Old-Time Music Festival), Independence Day Celebration, Snap Apple Night, Trades Day, Camp Meeting, Christmas in 1850, Others

Woodlands Nature Station – Environmental Education, Eagle Viewing on land and on the lake, Girl Scout Day, Hummingbird Festival, Cool Critters, Wolf Week, Howl-O-Ween, Others