Friends of Land Between The Lakes presents a great variety of programs at the three interpretive facilities in the Land Between The Lakes.

The Homeplace More info

Homeplace 1850s

The Homeplace

Our highly trained and qualified staff offers programs related to the 1850’s era in western Tennessee at The Homeplace. Sixteen authentic buildings are located at The Homeplace and provide a unique setting for visitors to learn about the agrarian lifestyle of the pre-Civil War period in what was formerly known as “between the rivers.”

Woodlands Nature Station More info

Woodlands Nature Station

Woodlands Nature Station

Woodlands Nature Station, at the center of the Woodlands Nature Watch Area, is the place to see live exhibits of wildlife native to the area. Deer, turkeys, an American Bald Eagle, coyotes and much more can be viewed in the backyard of the Woodlands Nature Station. Inside you will find reptiles such as snakes and turtles, an active bee hive and aquariums with native fish. Static exhibits educate you on the natural history of the Land Between The Lakes and surrounding area. Woodlands Nature Station is also the hub for several of our finest hiking trails. Nearby you will see the remnants of the Center Furnace; a relic of the iron industry that once flourished “between the rivers” and Hematite Lake offers outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing while taking a leisurely hike around the lake.

Golden Pond Planetarium More info


Golden Pond Planetarium

The Golden Pond Planetarium is your gateway to the universe. Our programs deal with deep space exploration, how stars are formed, and the stars, planets and constellations viewable in tonight’s sky. We have programs that educate and entertain the very young and older audiences. The program schedule varies throughout the year, so check our schedule often. In addition to the daily programs, we offer other special events and activities such as Star Parties and laser light and music shows.



  Elk and Bison Prairie More info

Elk and Bison Prairie

Elk and Bison Prairie

The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in Kentucky more than a century ago. Elk and bison roam free within this 700-acre enclosure. Visitors travel in their enclosed vehicle via a 3.5-mile paved loop road. Numerous other wildlife species also thrive in the prairie. Wild turkeys, a variety of birds, small game, butterflies, and prairie mammals find sanctuary in the Elk & Bison Prairie.


Resources for Educators

Virtual Resources


The Interpretive staff at the Woodlands Nature Station, the Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory, as well as the Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum are studying and working to develop content which can be helpful to each of you. Visit this page for links to enriching and instructional materials you can use during this difficult time.

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