Woodlands Nature Station

April-October | 10am-5pm
April - October | Open Daily | 10am-5pm
March and November | Wed - Sun | 10am-5pm
Closed Thanksgiving Day as well as December-February

General Admission
Adult $7; Special Events $9
Youth 5-12 $6; Special Events $7
Ages 4 and below Free
Higher rates may apply to special events.

Whether it is the hundreds of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds in August, watching the Parade of Raptors at the end of the day or howling with the coyotes – you will find something to excite, educate and entertain you at the Woodlands Nature Station.

Friends of Land Between The Lakes is pleased to provide seven, highly qualified interpretive naturalists at the Woodlands Nature Station to educate visitors on the natural history of the area.

Bobcat Barrens Project at the Woodlands Nature Station

Assist in creating a more exciting and helpful environment at the Woodlands Nature Station to care for our “Kentucky Wild Cat.”

Video – Bobcat Barrens at the Woodlands Nature Station



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