Golden Pond Planetarium

When you visit the Golden Pond Planetarium you will enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational programs presented with our Konica-Minolta Mediaglobe II digital projection system which displays exciting images on the forty foot dome of the theater.

Between The Lakes provides three qualified programmers at the Planetarium who supplement the animated presentations with live, personal interactions with the audience. The full dome (40 foot viewing area) offers a wonderful tapestry to view the skies and so much more in full comfort when rains or extreme heat surrounds you outside the theater.

“Skies Above” is a live presentation which allows visitors to learn about the planets, stars and constellations in the night sky of the coming evening and is one of five programs currently being presented at the Planetarium.

The Golden Pond Planetarium is open to offer both educational and entertainment programming year round.  This is especially helpful during the Dec thru Feb time period when other venues at Land Between the Lakes are closed except for eagle viewing.  You can see the offerings are different every day so as to provide a greater opportunity to see the program that you want.

The Golden Pond Observatory hours are subject to weather and seasonal visitation conditions.  Please call the Golden Pond Visitor Center before traveling in order to ensure that it will be open at the time of your planned visit.  You may call (270) 924-2237 or 2243.

2017 Schedule      

Planetarium Programs   Planetarium September-November17

Laser Music Shows and their Song  Lists  SkyLaseSongList 6-2017

You can explore more about the programs by viewing the highlights on the page.

Experience music as you have never heard it before in our full surround sound and brilliant laser light show environment. The Laser programming is back and better than ever with RGB projector and its 16 MILLION colors. You have never seen images like these with music like the Beatles or Pink Floyd. All laser seats only $7.

At the Observatory you will look through our new 16” telescope to view the wonders of the heavens. Friends of Land Between The Lakes, in partnership with the West Kentucky Amateur Astronomers, offers Star Party night sky viewing programs. Star Parties are held on select Saturday nights from Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting. A Planetarium program is presented in conjunction with the Star Party. Other observatory programs are available. See our schedule of events for more information.

For more information on Golden Pond Planetarium, please click here.

9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. year round (Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day)  Check the Land Between the Lakes website ( for other closure info.

Admission Prices Daily Programs
Ages 13 and up $5
Ages 5-12 $3
4 and under free
Friends of Land Between The Lakes Members $4 for adults
Laser shows all seats $7

Special Programs (such as Laser Light Shows or Summer Nights Programs) may have slightly higher costs. Visit for details.

For questions about program details, you may call the Golden Pond Planetarium (270) 924-2243 or (270) 924-2233 and ask for an interpreter.

You may visit our facility at 238 Visitor Center Drive, Golden Pond, KY 42211.

Upcoming Golden Pond Planetarium Events may be viewed by going to our sister website
Contact the Customer Service Department (270) 924-2020 for group scheduling.

Interesting facts about the Golden Pond Planetarium

Our Programs satisfy Kentucky and Tennessee Curriculum Learning Standards. See the Attached for details.
KY Standards for Planetarium Programs Here
TN Standards for Planetarium Programs Here

Constellation Guide
Space Science
Moon Phases
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