If you are seeking employment with our organization the following represents the only current vacancies. We do not accept applications without a current vacancy. Please check here prior to submitting information.

We have the following types of positions available within our organization.  None of these positions are federal positions nor are they state of Kentucky nor Tennessee positions.

Gift Shop Clerks at the Woodlands Nature Station, the Golden Pond Visitor Center and Planetarium, and the Homeplace.  We have two positions at each location.

-There are no current known vacancies. Feel free to call the Staffing Coordinator at (270) 924-2113 to learn particulars for positions which might develop after March. There are opportunities for persons to work As Needed (PRN) from time to time.

Information Clerks at the North Welcome Station, Woodlands Nature Station, the Golden Pond Visitor Center, the Homeplace, and the South Welcome Station.  We have two positions at each location along with an information delivery person.

-We have no known vacancies for South Welcome Info Clerks (contact Ann Carter at acarter@friendsoflbl.org)
-We have no vacancies for HP Info Clerk positions.  (contact Ann Carter at acarter@friendsoflbl.org)

Interpreters at the Woodlands Nature Station (6 incl management), Golden Pond Planetarium (2 primary), the Homeplace (6 incl management)

-There is one current vacancy at the Woodlands Nature Station  Interpreter (Entry Level) Woodlands Nature Station – March 2020.
-There are no current vacancies at Planetarium
-There are no current vacancies at the Homeplace.

Homeplace 1850s

Homeplace 1850s


Elk and Bison Prairie Monitors working at the Elk and Bison Prairie

-There are no current vacancies.  (contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@friendsoflbl.org)

Apprentices or Intern positions may be available from time to time at the Woodlands Nature Station and the Homeplace

-There are no current vacancies for Apprentices at the Nature Station  (contact the lead John Pollpeter at  jmpollpeter@hotmail.com)
-There are current vacancies for Apprentices at the Homeplace  (contact the lead Cindy Earls at cearls@friendsoflbl.org )

Support Staff at the Brandon Spring Group Camp (these are essentially cooks and housekeepers)
-There are no current vacancies at Brandon Spring.

Administrative Staff at the office of Land Between The Lakes Association
-There no vacancies at this time.