Oak Leaf Partners will receive appropriate recognition and benefits based on the level of donation as agreed to by the Partner and the Land Between The Lakes Association. This recognition will include display of the Partner’s name in a public area and listings as noted below. A plaque or statuette to display at your business location will also be presented.
>strong>As an Oak Leaf Partner you will also receive:

  • Membership plaque
  • 40 admissions to the Golden Pond Planetarium
  • 10 additional admissions to the Golden Pond Planetarium for each $1000 additional donation


Virtual Resources


The Interpretive staff at the Woodlands Nature Station, the Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory, as well as the Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum are studying and working to develop content which can be helpful to each of you. Visit this page for links to enriching and instructional materials you can use during this difficult time.

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