Wolf Week at the Woodlands Nature Station

October 1, 2022 – October 7, 2022 all-day
Woodlands Nature Station
3146 Silver Trail Rd
Cadiz, KY 42211
Jim Taylor

Fall break is all about wolves at Nature Station!

Come visit our resident endangered red wolves and join their “pack” of wolf admirers. Attend special wolf programs offered each day, join the red wolves for feeding time daily at 2:30pm (except for Friday, Oct. 7 when it will be held at 3:30pm), become a werewolf, and more!

Discover why these cunning canines have inspired awe in people for generations. See individual program descriptions below for complete details.

Wolf Week Programs:
Saturday, October 1
11am-1pm – Wolf Origami
11:30am – Club Tooth & Claw
12:30pm – The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Puppet Show
1-3pm – DIY Canine Track Books
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Sunday, October 2
11am-1pm – Playdough Puppies
11:30am – Eat, Prey, Love
1-3pm – DIY Canine Track Books
2:30pm – Happy Wolf Day Party!
3:30pm – Sunday Funday: Crafty Coyotes

Monday, October 3
1:30pm – The Rare Red, a Look Ahead
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Tuesday, October 4
1:30pm – I Wish I Were Werewolf
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Wednesday, October 5
1:30pm – Crafty Coyotes
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Thursday, October 6
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Friday, October 7
1:30pm – Back with the Pack
3:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

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