Wolf Week at the Woodlands Nature Station @ Woodlands Nature Station
Oct 1 – Oct 7 all-day

Fall break is all about wolves at Nature Station!

Come visit our resident endangered red wolves and join their “pack” of wolf admirers. Attend special wolf programs offered each day, join the red wolves for feeding time daily at 2:30pm (except for Friday, Oct. 7 when it will be held at 3:30pm), become a werewolf, and more!

Discover why these cunning canines have inspired awe in people for generations. See individual program descriptions below for complete details.

Wolf Week Programs:
Saturday, October 1
11am-1pm – Wolf Origami
11:30am – Club Tooth & Claw
12:30pm – The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Puppet Show
1-3pm – DIY Canine Track Books
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Sunday, October 2
11am-1pm – Playdough Puppies
11:30am – Eat, Prey, Love
1-3pm – DIY Canine Track Books
2:30pm – Happy Wolf Day Party!
3:30pm – Sunday Funday: Crafty Coyotes

Monday, October 3
1:30pm – The Rare Red, a Look Ahead
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Tuesday, October 4
1:30pm – I Wish I Were Werewolf
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Wednesday, October 5
1:30pm – Crafty Coyotes
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Thursday, October 6
2:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Friday, October 7
1:30pm – Back with the Pack
3:30pm – Red Wolf Treat Time

Wooly Bear Weekend @ Woodlands Nature Station
Oct 8 – Oct 9 all-day

Bring the family to Nature Station during the Columbus Day holiday weekend for a kid-friendly weekend packed with cool activities! The wooly bear worm has been a common symbol and traditional sign of autumn and the changing season Let’s use it as our mascot to celebrate other fall traditions!

Ghosts & Goblins Mystery Van Tour @ Woodlands Nature Station
Oct 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

BOO! What was that?!

Explore the back roads of Land Between the Lakes at night as we search for spooky spots, nocturnal nature, and tell some good ole-fashion ghost stories. This program is family-friendly, with lightly spooky story fun. For young children, please be advised this program does take place in the dark. $10 for children 12 and under, $15 for participants ages 12+. Call 270-924-2020 for reservations, tour meets at Golden Pond Visitor Center.

Let it Rip! Clothing Repair on the Farm. @ Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum
Oct 12 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Come to the farm today and learn a little bit about fixing clothes when they wear out or are damaged. Try some patches and embroidery. Renew your love affair with that jacket or develop a new appreciation for that old cardigan. We will even have some things you can practice on.

Apple Fest @ Homeplace 1850s Working Farm and Agricultural Museum
Oct 15 – Oct 16 all-day

The apple harvest is in and it is time to celebrate!

Come out and join us at Apple Fest October 15 and 16.  Take in the autumn air and celebrate the s3eason!  Join us as we explore the uses, history, and crafts around this most famous of all the fruits!  Enjoy the fall colors and the fall temperatures outside in the beauty of nature.

Lots of activities including Apple Butter preparation at the Fire Pit, Apple Carving at the Single Pen., Cider Making at the Tool Barn, Amish Bake Sale, Jonny Appleseed Information Booth at the Stock Barn, Fortune Telling, Corn Husk Doll making at the Tobacco Barn and more.


Homeschool Fall Learning Series – Art and Anatomy – Fish Printing @ Woodlands Nature Station
Oct 20 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Using ink rollers and replica fish participants will create multiple artworks.  Participants will learn and label the parts of the fish and explore their creativity through this Japanese art form.

  • Call 270-924-2020 to reserve your spot. $3.00/participant.
  • Pre-registration is required.  Program limited to 25 participants. Program meets at Nature Station picnic pavilion and does not include admission to the Woodlands Nature Station.
A Hogwarts How-O-Ween: The Sorcerer’s Stone @ Woodlands Nature Station
Oct 22 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Young wizards and witches, welcome to your first year at Hogwarts! Be sure to attend your classes on time, beware the troll in the dungeon, and complete the challenges to find your very own Sorcerer’s Stone! Between classes, make a magic wand, learn spells, and meet some fantastic beasts! You’ll walk with professors and prefects, search for Aldo the baby Bigfoot, discover both real and magical creatures, and avoid the perils of an enchanted trail as a first-year student in this Harry Potter-themed, non-scary Halloween program. Costumes encouraged, feel free to wear your favorite house colors! For the safety of our familiars and yours, please leave pets at home. $9 ages 18+, $7 ages 5-17, free for ages 4 and under.


Spooky Stories and Superstitions @ Homeplace Working Farm and Agricultural Museum
Oct 22 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

It’s spooky season at the Homeplace! Bring an iron horseshoe, a pinch of salt, a four-leaf clover, and maybe some garlic for good measure because we’re talking folklore and superstitions. What are they? How did they get here?

Come find out!